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How to Easily Convert Small Bathrooms Into Luxury Bathrooms
09.03.2018 12:57

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If you are looking for information to transfer your small bathroom into a luxury restroom, you then have just surely got to keep reading. No matter what your level of skill or budget, it's much easier than you think to renovate your small bathroom into a beautiful, luxurious bathroom of which you may be proud.


There are hundreds of different ideas on how to create the perfect small bathroom. You will have to consider the overall design, your current décor and your budget before settling on the final plan. It's easy to change the design of your small bath area by making small adjustments to mirrors, cupboards, showers and bathtubs.


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However, you don't even need to change tiles, cabinets or mirrors to bring about the perfect small bathroom. A cheap, quick plan would be to cover all exposed plumbing. Nothing looks worse than painted pipes and exposed brackets under your basin. By fitting a vanity under your basin you can cover up the unsightly pipes and give your small bathroom a modern, quality look. 


The same goes for toilets. The exposed plumbing can make your bathroom cold and uninviting. A cabinet around your toilet and cistern will immediately transform the look of the room.


Most small bath rooms lack areas to hang clothes and towels. By finding matching towel hooks and rails you can improve the quantity of space available. Nothing looks worse than towels lying on the floor and filthy laundry in a corner. Eliminate the laundry basket and hang up all the towels on stunning rails for an instant bathroom facelift.


Another fast and simple bathroom upgrade is the paint scheme. Replace white paint or dark colours with a light pastel shade. Warm pastel colours make a small restroom appear larger and more inviting. Dark colours make a small restroom feel even smaller. Be sure to work with a good quality oil based paint with a built in mould inhibitor. This will ensure that you get decades of enjoyment out of your upgrade. Don't forget to paint the ceiling too. A new light fitting will full the look.


Never underestimate the power of mirrors. Placing mirrors on the walls will help to make the room appear much larger. With the use of decorative frames, you can complete a luxurious bath room which will be a pleasure in which to spend time. Combine the use of mirrors with slender cupboards and vanities and you will make your small restroom simpler to move around in.


Do not neglect your light fittings. A lighting makeover shall transform your bathroom. You can set the disposition, complement your colour scheme and provide perfect lighting for restroom use. Remember to use fitting that are safe for bathrooms and ensure that all light bulbs are fully enclosed to prevent accidents should the bulbs break.

So with a little planning, you can renovate your small restroom quite easily yourself.


Be sure to collection your budget before you start otherwise you run the risk of cost overruns. You can do most of the items mentioned here as basic DIY projects over weekends or after work. Make sure that you have all the tools you need before starting a task. Most of the more expensive tools can be hired quite cheaply by the hour or the day.


If you are planning to become a little more ambitious, then get quotations from reputable contractors. They may just be able to get the job done quicker and cheaper than you. Have fun converting your small restroom into a high end one, you deserve it.




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