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YOU DONT Need Self Motivation?
05.03.2018 16:38


Anxiously, you prepare to write the last sentence in your "success journal." Looking back over the past year, you have completed all of your goals. Astonished - you have never felt as successful in your life. You managed to lose 15 lbs, take the youngsters to Disney World, and successfully start your own home-based business. It had seemed like a long-haul at that time, but looking back as you make your final reflection, it seems more like an adventure.


Now, with such accomplishments at hand - you ask yourself, "Do I really need self motivation"? You look lower at your journal, as it provides travelled with you throughout your past goals. You understand it's time to move on to new goals, and perhaps a new journal. But, will you be taking self motivation with you?

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At the moment, it seems as if things in your life have been happening the real way you wanted them too, and as though self-motivation was not to credit, at least not right now. But, despite having things going your way, you can easily and quickly run out of enthusiasm and motivation still. And, for these times, you won't only need your success journal; you may even require a little self-help.


So, as you move forward onto next year's targets, by following these few simple steps, you can continue to keep your journal by your side and stay motivated.


1. Stay in good company. To stay motivated it is essential and important to surround yourself with optimistic people in order to keep a spirit of pleasure alive. Who you spend your time with will influence your motivation and your self-confidence. Try to regularly interact with "Yes" people. People who stay optimistic and motivated, never dwelling on the tasks at hand - challenging themselves as they move forward rather. If you've noticed your current group of friends are lacking in this area, don't business them in just yet. Try a new exercise through the week, join a local sports league, chat with others online or volunteer with a local group. Choose anything that you are interested in or lifts your spirits, chances are, those individuals are there for a positive social hour and also the activity.


2. Learn something brand-new. Learning is a continuous process, which few of us actually stick to. Every time we find out something new, we feed our motivation because we have increased our knowledge and talent, keeping our self-confidence level high.


3. Keep your positive attitude. A positive attitude means a positive mind. Condition yourself to focus on the good in every situation, even though obstacles present themselves. This is an excellent way to stay on track of self motivation.


4. Move on. Don't get stuck in the moment. It's hard not to fall into negativity, especially when you're working on a project or dealing with issues and, all of sudden, obstacles start to occur and you can't seem to move forward. When this occurs, shift your focus and method the situation in a different angle. Abruptly, you will notice a different attitude and how everything starts to flow the way you anticipated it too before the obstacle - realizing self motivation has started to set in once again.


5. Write down your feelings. You may be tracking your goals and methods in your success journal, but are you tracking your feeling as well. This is very useful, especially when you're getting bouts of sulkiness. Simply grab your journal, write down the way you are feeling - and the reason you're feeling the way you are. Do the same, when you are feeling sheer happiness even. This will permit you to understand any patterns through your journal recordings, which will help you to decipher your emotions - what brings you sadness and what brings you pleasure.


6. Track your progress. Okay, I know you're already doing this with your journal. But, did you know that we measure our successes and not the times we experience self-motivation mostly. Use your journal to record these brief moments as well. Also, on days when you are feeling low, browse through your progress to end up being reminded of your accomplishments, and quickly start feeling better again, as you keep up the period of completing a goal.


7. Share. Not only is sharing a good thing, it's also a sure photo way to get motivated. When you know you were able to contribute even yet in the slightest method possible, you'll feel motivated to do better. Sharing ideas and feelings, or even motivating a friend who is feeling low, will quickly boost your self confidence.


Maintaining self-motivation isn't always easy. But, as you venture towards your goals, remember all journeys begin with a very first step. Why not take yours nowadays?


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