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Factors behind low sperm Count
14.06.2018 13:54


In this article a few talk about the facts concerning the issue of sperm count. Besides smoking, binge alcohol, having a hot tub, and weight problems, there are other things you have to know to avoid using a low sperm count.

Bicycle using. Sitting down on the bicycle seat for a long time (over an hour) with tight bicycle pants can raise the temperature of your testicles. Hot temperature can affect your sperm production, which is helps it be tough so that you can possess a normal sperm count. It will also offers you the genital numbness which can result in a damage to the arteries about your testicles. So , select a bicycle with a gentle and wide seat, and modify the seat before you start cycling to make sure you comfort with it. Also, take a break every once in awhile when you using the bicycle. If you are looking for Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Loss and  Ayurvedic Treatment for BPH, here you can get.

Cell phone. Cell phone signals can affect the production of your sperm. It could influence your sperm mobility, the composition, the endurance, and naturally the amount of your sperm count. The electromagnetic surf from a cell phone can cause damage to the newly forming sperm, which is so sensitive to also low energy surf. So in cases like this, the farther you keep your cell phone away from your testicles, the better the chance to suit your needs never to possess a low sperm count. You can use the clip-on holder, and put it at your side. This is better than keeping it inside your entrance pocket.

Notebook. May put your notebook in your clapboard while using the it. The warmth out of your notebook can raise the temp of your testicles which is bad for your sperm count. Put it on the desk in order to use it, or when body fat desk, you can use the pillow like a buffer between your notebook and your lap.

Pesticide.Exposure to environmental toxins, for example insect poison, can cause you using a low sperm count and decrease the quality of your sperm. It can also gives you a testicular cancer.

Time tables. You think only females who else use it. Well, most likely wrong. Because of the temp, sperm matters are higher in wintertime and lower in the summer. Sperm counts may also be higher in the morning than every other periods in one time, so you can try to have sex during individuals periods.



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